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“Dysphoria”: The concept that helped one man overcome addiction

An LPP client asked a question about something that he has been pondering:  “Society seems to acknowledge the danger of prolonged depression and the link to addictive behavior. But what about this word dysphoria? Is it something at the...

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Why do People Say Addiction is a DISEASE? — LPP Podcast Episode 46!

Stanton Peele answers questions from social media followers, listeners, and YouTube viewers. Today, Zach Rhoads reads Stanton a question from a Facebook follower: “Why do people call addiction a disease, and what is addiction REALLY?” Want to ask Stanton...

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We have just had a baby, and now my boyfriend masturbates all the time.

My boyfriend masturbates all the time. His Instagram consists of ladies like Kate Sarkissian and literally any other lady. He tells me he doesn’t masturbate as much as he used to but I know he masturbates almost EVERY time...

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Ask Stanton: Being forced into Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) against a pregnant patient’s will

Dear Stanton, I just found out I was pregnant. My husband was told years ago he couldn’t have children so you can imagine our surprise. I was in an accident a few years ago and was prescribed hydrocodone 10mg...

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My boyfriend smokes weed and it is affecting our relationship

Dear Stanton, My fiancé is good person for the most part. He is a hard worker and treats me well the majority of the time. The problem is he smokes weed a lot, lies to his parents about it....

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Questions From Treatment Professionals – Ask Stanton

Do values pay a role in addiction? What can I say to my employers who push 12-step methods? Can people use narcotics safely, even with benefits, for years?

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Alternate Treatments – Ask Stanton

Does naltrexone work? What do you think of SMART Recovery? What exactly is the community reinforcement approach (CRA) and how effective is it? Is salvation a cure for addiction? What do you think of naltrexone therapy for alcoholics? What...

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Beneficial Drinking and Alcohol Policy – Ask Stanton

Are there any positive effects of drinking alcohol?

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Harm Reduction – Ask Stanton

Can I ever get off methadone? How? Is harm reduction therapy too risky for a therapist to try? What do you think of my individualized harm reduction treatment? Can I ever get off methadone? Can I get wasted once...

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Drug Policy – Ask Stanton

Should physicians prescribe narcotic substitutes? Can my son’s marijuana use be therapeutic? Tell me about needle-exchange programs and drop-in centres

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