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Life Process Program PODCAST: Episode 1

We’re pleased to launch the NEW monthly #LPP Podcast that our coaches Zach and Aaron have initiated. Each month, Stanton Peele & Zach Rhoads will tackle & discuss a clinical addiction issue. The first episode deals with this clinical...

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Questions About Stanton Peele – Ask Stanton

Dr. Peele, are you still relevant? Do you counsel adolescents? Bill Moyers’ 5 part Series on Alcohol Addiction Stanton, have you been bought? Who says you’re an alcoholism expert?

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Questions From Treatment Professionals – Ask Stanton

How to treat a crack baby – or any other child Where can I go to practice alcohol counseling the way I choose? Do values pay a role in addiction? What can I say to my employers who push...

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Alternate Treatments – Ask Stanton

How do I work with a wilderness program graduate? How can I talk AAese? Is RR more of the same as AA? Motivational Therapy Techniques Does naltrexone work? Heavy Drinking Women What do you think of SMART Recovery? What...

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Beneficial Drinking and Alcohol Policy – Ask Stanton

What is your stand on addiction and pleasure? Does alcohol damage your brain? Are there any positive effects of drinking alcohol? I turned 21; should I drink? Want to read a really sick suggestion for teen drinking? Optimal level...

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Harm Reduction – Ask Stanton

Can I ever get off methadone? How? Is harm reduction therapy too risky for a therapist to try? What do you think of my individualized harm reduction treatment? Can I ever get off methadone? Can I get wasted once...

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Drug Policy – Ask Stanton

Should people be allowed to be marijuana addicts? Is Rush Limbaugh’s addiction different from other addicts? Stanton, are you causing heroin overdoses? What about gambling? Are doctors overeager to give chronically ill patients pain medication? Should drug abuse be...

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Nonsubstance Addictions – Ask Stanton

Wife of a pathological gambler seeks to eliminate gambling Can I create an intervention to force my parents to address my sister’s shopping addiction? Is there such a thing as workaholism? Can a person be addicted to get-rich-quick schemes,...

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Sharing experiences through our blog

The Life Process Program Blog features several (anonymized) exchanges between Dr Peele and his readers. We wanted to share these experiences to allow readers to learn more about Dr Peele’s thoughts and opinions, but what we didn’t expect to...

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Anthony Bourdain’s Updated Addiction Report Card

He may smoke, he certainly drinks and, good God, that 60-year-old is trim!   This post is in response to Anthony Bourdain’s Addiction Report Card by Stanton Peele Anthony Bourdain is the worldly gastronomical traveler with an addictive past. ...

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