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The Drew Barrymore Story (Sundays with Stories Edition)– Podcast Episode 33!

Welcome to the LPP Podcast Episode 33! This is a sneak peak at a new weekly segment by Stanton Peele and Zach Rhoads, called “Sundays With Stories”  You can listen to the audio version of the podcast HERE  ...

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SMART Recovery and LPP (similarities and differences)– PODCAST episode 32!

Welcome to the LPP Podcast Episode 32! Today’s episode is a segment of our interview with LPP Coach Dee Cloward. In this segment, Dee talks about her work at SMART Recovery and compares/contrasts it with her work for the...

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Mindfulness Meditation (15 minutes) – PODCAST Episode 31

Welcome to Episode 31! Today we want you to take care of you. So enjoy this 15 minute mindfulness meditation and free your mind so that you can make reasoned, responsible, and good decisions about how you’ll behave for...

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Meditation and Addiction – PODCAST Episode 30

Welcome to Episode 30! Today’s guest is Toby Sola. Toby is the CEO of Brightmind for a living; he practices and teaches meditation as a livelihood. Brightmind is a meditation app that helps people of all personalities, persuasions, and...

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Dee Cloward LPP Coach – PODCAST Episode 29

Welcome to Episode 29! Today’s guest is our very own LPP Coach, Dolores Cloward — Dee for short. Dee is an LPP coach with a range of interesting professional and personal experiences worth sharing, including her own experience with...

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Outgrowing Addiction – LPP PODCAST Episode 28

Welcome to Episode 28! Today’s guest is Mindy Vincent. Mindy is an addiction therapist and social worker; she is the host of the podcast “Therapeutic Madness“; and she is the founder of Utah Harm Reduction Coalition. Mindy spoke with...

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Outgrowing Addiction – LPP PODCAST Episode 27

Welcome to Episode 27! Today is actually an excerpt from another podcast – REBT Advocates. Today you’ll hear LPP coach and author Zach Rhoads talking with Michael Edelstein and Tommy Bateman about his and Stanton Peele’s latest book, “Outgrowing...

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Daniel Snyder on Self Agency and Personal Responsibility – LPP PODCAST Episode 26

Welcome to Episode 26! On today’s program, Zach Rhoads speaks with Daniel Snyder. Daniel lives in Langley, British Columbia where he is a project and peer coordinator at Langley Overdose Response. He is also the founding creator of Mindful...

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Will Godfrey on Harm Reduction- LPP PODCAST Episode 25

Welcome to Episode 25 – This is the fourth and final episode in out four-part series about Harm Reduction. In the first three episodes of the series, Zach spoke with Dr. Peele. Here are links to those episodes, in...

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Improvement versus Perfection – LPP PODCAST Episode 24

Welcome to Episode 24 – This is the third of a four-part series about Harm Reduction. The series opened with a discussion around the history of harm reduction for addiction and last week we heard Zach and Stanton discuss...

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