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Life Process Program PODCAST Episode 3 – Are We “Trauma-Informed”?

  Dr. Stanton Peele and Zach Rhoads answer the following frequently asked question: Is LPP a “trauma informed program”?  They offer a definition of “trauma” in several contexts. Then they discuss differences between traumatic events and adverse conditions in life. Peele...

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Life Process Program PODCAST Episode 2 – Rewrite your life story

  Rewrite your life story. The Life Process Program takes clients through a staged review of their life stories, focusing first on mistakes, continuing to how they might have acted differently to avoided these pitfalls, to reconceiving their life...

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Life Process Program PODCAST: Episode 1

We’re pleased to launch the NEW monthly #LPP Podcast that our coaches Zach and Aaron have initiated. Each month, Stanton Peele & Zach Rhoads will tackle & discuss a clinical addiction issue. The first episode deals with this clinical...

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