Dr Ross Greene | Working collaboratively with children | Life Process Program PODCAST Episode 10

Stanton Peele By: Dr. Stanton Peele

Posted on April 30th, 2020 - Last updated: September 28th, 2023
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Today’s episode is an excerpt of a conversation our LPP coach Zach had with developmental  psychologist and best selling author, Dr Ross Greene. They talk about how Dr Ross came up with a way to work collaboratively with children whose behaviour presents challenges to themselves and/or to others around them. The model is called ‘Proactive and Collaborative Solutions’ and it is designed to ensure that all parties act according to the wants and needs of all involved.

The methods and tools of problem solving that Dr Ross Greene describes in this episode mirror closely the way we work with clients in the Life Process Program, and the way we encourage clients to work through problems in their own lives. We hope you enjoy!

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Stanton Peele

Dr. Stanton Peele, recognized as one of the world's leading addiction experts, developed the Life Process Program after decades of research, writing, and treatment about and for people with addictions. Dr. Peele is the author of 14 books. His work has been published in leading professional journals and popular publications around the globe.

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