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Overcome your
Drug Addiction permanently

With Dr. Stanton Peele's online Life Process Program you CAN

Drug addiction, whether it is in the form of marijuana, cocaine, speed, prescription medications or any other drugs, affects all aspects of one’s life, no matter how much we convince ourselves that the problem is contained.

The Life Process Drug Program, is designed to help you overcome your addiction on your own and from the privacy of your own home.

Drugs are an example of an addiction that is often linked to a particular time and place in people’s lives.

Drugs are very often associated with youth, and most people “age out” of their drug involvements.

If this has not happened for you, it is often the case that you associate with fellow users of that substance (e.g., meth, opiates, weed).

This may seem natural, like second nature to you.
But it is partly a life choice, and you can select a different path, one that LPP will help you to find and follow.

Drug Addiction Success Stories

People who have successfully beat their addiction with the Life Process Program

“It is such a relief to me and my family that I am finally free from my drug addiction. The Life Process Program saved my life and my marriage.”

Rory C, Ireland

“I thought I was doomed to struggle my entire life, always being an “addict”. The Life Process Program showed me an alternative. I have hope for the first time in years. Thanks.”

James K, United Kingdom

“I just never felt comfortable sitting in those meetings surrounded by men. With the help of the Life Process Program and my wonderful coach, I was able to deal with my drug addiction privately and anonymously.”

Amanda C, USA

Further Drug Addiction Resources

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How do I know if I have a drug problem or an addiction?

Some people feel that any use of illegal drugs or drugs not taken under prescription is itself a problem.  For the most part, if you are taking a prescription drug prescribed by a doctor, and you are not having any issues with it, you should be fine. If however, you find yourself liking the effects of the drug BEYOND its medical purpose, and turning to it for emotional or personal reasons, you need to be cautious.

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Drug Addiction Recovery – Health, Home, Purpose and Community

Every day Americans are educated over and over about the meaning of recovery: celebrities tour the country describing their miraculous redemption from drug addiction due to 12-step rehab, and columnists instruct readers with drug and alcohol problems to attend AA post haste. But we believe that the SAMHSA working definition of recovery provides a solid foundation based on health, home, purpose and community.

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What To Do If Your Loved One Has a Drug Problem

If your loved one is using drugs in a dysfunctional way then it is reasonable to feel concerned. You may also feel an obligation to help this person— but how do you begin? We understand that this can be an emotionally and physically exhausting predicament. Offering help— whether it’s to a family member, a friend, or your own child—  is no easy task.

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Five Myths About Drug Addiction

People behave in keeping with their own ideas (myths!) about drugs’ effects (e.g., “opioids are addictive”), about their own natures (i.e., whether they’re addicts), and about how addiction operates (“people can never recover; people who have been addicted can never use a certain drug, or all psychoactive substance, normally or non-addictively”), rather than based on epidemiological or clinical data, or even their own behavior.

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Can I ever get off methadone? How?

Bill is trying to get off methadone and he reaches out to Stanon for help and advice. To quote bill “It seems like when I try to get off the methadone everything from years ago starts coming back, even though I been clean for 7 years. I am confused and am wondering how long does this withdrawal take approx.”

Stanton provides Bill with useful positive counsel, and also invites Bob Newman (Director, Chemical Dependency Institute) for his input.

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Prescription Drug and Addiction Myth

We hear regularly about the addictive surge occurring with opioid painkillers such as Vicodin, Percocet, and Oxycontin.  In the meantime, quite a few—just as many—become addicted to such popular drugs as Xanax, Adderall, and Zoloft.  But, for reasons we will explain, these addictions are ignored.

In this article we take a look at these leading addictive pharmaceutical substances.

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