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Overcome your
Food Addiction permanently

With Dr. Stanton Peele's online Life Process Program you CAN

Are you finding it difficult to control your intake of food?

The Life Process Food Program was developed to provide an alternative option to Overeaters Anonymous (OA).

We wanted to create an alternative for those that do not agree with the 12-step philosophy or did not find success with the steps.
Food addiction affects all aspects of one’s life, no matter how much we convince ourselves that the problem is contained.

Food can often take on the role of a seductive partner or even a potent substance, as you are undoubtedly aware while seeking help for food addiction treatment.

Why has food come to occupy this “uncontrollable” role in your life?

How can you plot out a course for yourself that enables you to enjoy the “here and now” without stuffing yourself with things that you know you shouldn’t.

Food Program Success Stories

People who have successfully beat their food addiction with the Life Process Program

“A friend found out about the program for me, I live in rural Canada and I couldn’t get local food addiction treatment. I finally gave managed to overcome my addiction to fatty foods by using the online Life Process Food Addiction Program.”

Eleanor S, Australia

“I couldn’t afford to spend the money or time to attend a residential treatment center, so I started searching online for ‘food addiction help’ and found Dr. Peele’s program. I am so glad I found it – it has given me the help and support I need without requiring a second mortgage on my house!”

Malcolm R, USA

“I was around 350 pounds and was ashamed of myself and my body. I had no self esteem and was in a downward spiral. My friend mentioned the Life Process Program and I thought, what have I got to loose in giving it a try – boy has it been a life changer. I can now manage my self control, have started doing regular exercise and feel so much better about who I am. Thank You Dr Peele!”

Terry D, USA

Food Addiction Resources

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Case Study: How M. changed her relationship with food after engaging with the Life Process Program

When we consider drug addiction and alcoholism, we understand that no one needs to use these substances. But how can someone be addicted to a life essential, like the food we eat?

As we learn in the following article, Food is essential to both our physical and our emotional health.  Playing such a crucial role in life, it can become addictive in many ways.

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The Meaning of Addiction: Is Eating Addictive?

Food is addictive for some people. And to reckon that food can be addictive for some tells us how ubiquitous addiction is around us, only reaching pathological extremes in some alarming cases.

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With the Life Process Program, we provide you with the tools to help you to overcome your addiction to food from the privacy of your own home.

In your clear moments, you realize you don’t even want to eat those things. In fact, this realization can drive people to purge food — or to try to avoid it altogether.

The Life Process Program will enable you to develop this self-control, and to link it to a life that you find satisfying and meaningful. Stop telling yourself ‘I am addicted to Food’ and let us help you on your path to recovery.

If you think the Life Process Program is for you get started with us today.

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