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Editorial Guidelines

Updated:Oct 23

Our Commitment to Trustworthy & Authoritative Information

We understand how critically important it is for any addiction or mental health related website to be both trustworthy and authoritative.

We aim to provide evidence-based, factual, and engaging content that serves as a reliable guide on addiction and recovery.

Ensuring Readability & Empathy

Seeking help for addiction, whether for oneself or a loved one can be daunting. We’ve optimized our content to be user-friendly, reducing complex jargon and ensuring clarity for a wide audience.

Our content is also crafted with empathy, aiming to be both welcoming and valuable to our readers.

Reliability of Our Sources

Throughout our website, you’ll find references to several sources that back our content. We always ensure that these sources are not only reliable and trustworthy but also relevant to the topic at hand.

Our content is created by our experienced team, notably Dr Stanton Peele. Other valued contributors include Zach Rhoads and Dee Cloward.

Interactive Content from Our Users

While much of our content is authored by our experienced team, we also feature questions and insights from our readers in the ‘Ask Stanton’ section.

We always take care to anonymize specific details to maintain our readers’ privacy.

Our Perspective & Content Accuracy

The quality and accuracy of our content are paramount.

While our authors offer unique perspectives, notably differing from the traditional disease-theory of addiction, our main goal is to provide valuable insights that resonate with a broad audience.

Funding & Editorial Integrity

Our primary revenue stream is our subscription-based online program, rooted in the non-disease theory of addiction.

However, our commitment to content quality ensures that monetization never interferes with editorial integrity.

We Value Your Feedback

Your perspective is essential for our growth and improvement. If you have suggestions, queries, or want more information about any topic, please reach out.

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