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Dr. Peele is a world-renowned addiction expert, author and therapist, who has remained prominently at the forefront of the addiction field for four decades, challenging and changing the way people understand addiction and recovery.

He has created this online treatment program for people who are looking for alternatives to 12 steps. It is a non 12 step online recovery program that will help you lead an addiction free life.

“The AA may work for some people, but it certainly didn’t work for me - don’t tell me I can’t beat this and it will always be hanging around my neck! With the Life Process Program I have finally found an online treatment program which focusses on the positive and is helping me recover from my horrible addiction"
Elaine W, Texas, successful Life Process Program graduate.

What is the Life Process Program?

The Life Process Program was developed to provide an self help alternative option to the standard treatments such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). We wanted to create a viable alternative treatment program for those that do not agree with the 12-step philosophy or did not find success with the steps. There is always hope.

I thought I was doomed to struggle my entire life, always being an “addict”. The Life Process Program showed me an alternative. I have hope for the first time in years. Thanks.

How The Life Process Program Works

The life process online recovery program is broken down into eight parts, or modules, which consist of reading material prepared by Dr. Peele and exercises relevant to the topic of that module. The exercises are not a test of your knowledge of the material, but rather an opportunity for you to reflect on your addictive behavior and apply the material to your life. Clients received personalized feedback from a dedicated Life Process Program Coach when they submit each module. All new clients also get a FREE 20 minute coaching session via Skype with their coach after they submit their first module for review.

I spent years trying to quit drinking. I went to AA meetings and tried working the steps, but I always ended up back at the bar. Things changed for me once I found the Life Process Program. I finally found something that made sense to me and helped me quit drinking for good.

Why The Life Process Program Works

The program is non 12 step online recovery program based on years of experience with this topic. However, the largest reason for the program’s success is because it relies on YOU. You are the one working to change your life. The readings and exercises are designed to help you examine your life and your behavior while regular communication from a dedicated coach provides helpful guidance and support while you work through the program

I just never felt comfortable sitting in those meetings surrounded by men, I was able to deal with my addiction privately and anonymously.

Features of The Life Process Program

8 Comprehensive Modules with<br>interactive exercises

8 Comprehensive Modules with
interactive exercises

Dedicated Life Process Coach to<br>guide you through the program

Dedicated Life Process Coach to
guide you through the program

Created by renowned addiction expert,<br>Dr Stanton Peele

Created by renowned addiction expert,
Dr Stanton Peele

Detailed Reading Material,<br>specific to your addiction

Detailed Reading Material,
specific to your addiction

Option to upgrade to direct<br>Face-to-Face Coaching

Option to upgrade to direct
Face-to-Face Coaching

Tailor Your Program to Meet<br>your needs

Tailor Your Program to Meet
your needs

What we believe about Addiction

Many of us have been told that addiction is a chronic disease that cannot be cured. We at the Life Process Program® do not believe this. We believe addiction is a compelling, destructive involvement that, because it detracts from other areas of people’s lives, forces them to rely with greater exclusivity on the addictive experience they get from the involvement, whether with drugs or anything else.

What will I do during the Life Process Program®?

During the Life Process Program® you will be given the opportunity to read and learn more about addictive behaviours, watch videos from renowned addiction expert Dr Stanton Peele and apply those readings and the principles behind them to your own situation. You will spend time setting goals for living an addiction free life and you will develop the skills and tools necessary to accomplish those goals. Most importantly, you will do all of these things while going about your day to day life.


Because the Life Process Program® is offered in an online format you have the convenience of completing the program while still going about your day to day life. No need to take a leave from work or be apart from your loved ones for an extended period of time, you can complete everything from the privacy of your own home.


The Life Process Program® is truly anonymous. Working through the reading materials and exercises, you can complete the program online and you can change your life without anyone knowing you have sought help for your addictive behaviour.


Clients benefit from regular feedback & guidance from a dedicated Life Process Program Coach each time a module is submitted for review. We also offer all new clients a FREE 20 minute one-on-one consultation with their life coach via Skype. They can then schedule further one-on-one sessions with their coach if they need additional advice as they work through the program.


The Life Process Program is based on Dr. Peele’s decades of research and involvement in the public debate regarding addictive behaviours. Dr. Peele designed the Life Process Program to help as many people as possible using the most effective methods.

We don’t oppose the twelve steps for those who adhere to them. But Life Process Program® does not approach addiction as a disease against which you are powerless – for us, this way of thinking reduces your ability to combat addiction. Life Process Program® is for people who are uncomfortable – like we are – with such ideas, or who may have failed with them, which many people do, and who seek a different path, one with proven success.

Many people, particularly in the U.S., lose licenses (professional, medical, driver’s) due to addiction or substance-related issues.  Stanton is also an attorney, and has spent a good deal of time addressing such questions.  IT IS OBVIOUSLY BEYOND THE SCOPE OF LPP, OR STANTON’S EFFORTS, TO TAKE ON LEGAL QUESTIONS HERE.  HOWEVER, potential clients should know that it is illegal in the U.S. for a person to be compelled by a court or a government agency to participate in Alcoholics Anonymous or similar support groups or in 12-step rehab when the 12-step philosophy, or its references to God, violates their beliefs. (This has been held by federal courts, for example, for people who are atheists, Buddhists, or Jewish.) Your attorney should be aware of the legal decisions referenced here.

If you are being required to join AA or a similar program against your beliefs, your attorney should write (you may do so as a citizen/defendant/parolee) the court, parole or probation officer to inform them that AA and the 12 steps violate your personal/religious beliefs and to ask for the opportunity to have an alternative type of remedial program (including SMART Recovery®, for instance).  In the first place, it is important to have it in writing if the court et al. refuses to grant you this right.  In the second you may indicate you are accepting the court’s or parole board’s decision to seek help, and that you only want to use another method.  It is important in this case to indicate that SMART Recovery, for instance, utilizes proven, effective methods.

SMART meetings are not available everywhere, and thus you might request permission to participate on-line.  If the court or parole board is amenable to such an approach, you might also indicate the you wish to utilize LPP.  It is not within the scope of LPP to participate in helping you make this request.  But please inform us of the court’s or other agency’s response to such requests.

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