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Supporting Marginalized Communities

Our goal is to help improve the lives of vulnerable and marginalised communities across the globe.

Many individuals in these communities struggle with Substance Use Disorders (SUDs), facing disproportionate harms due to coexisting challenges such as homelessness or mental health issues.

To effectively support these individuals, it’s crucial to offer interventions that are both engaging and effective. The success of such interventions largely depends on the individual’s involvement in their treatment, emphasizing the importance of goal-setting and self-efficacy.

Research highlights the significance of aligning treatment with the individual’s chosen goals – this alignment is critical for ‘treatment’ success.

Interestingly, research indicates that abstinence may not be the primary goal for these individuals. A lack of readiness for abstinence is often cited as a reason for not engaging in SUD treatment, despite acknowledging the need for help.

To effectively engage with our target population and enhance the success of SUD treatments, it’s vital to align with their personal goals, bolster their self-efficacy and competence in choosing their path, and minimize barriers to treatment.

To help us achieve our mission of supporting vulnerable and marginalized communities, The Life Process Program is now available as a community based resource.
This new development, coupled with our newly developed Train-the-Trainer program, empowers local Peer Counselors to support their own communities through our world class program.

Supporting Marginalized Communities

Our goal is to help improve the lives of vulnerable and marginalized communities across the globe

Implementing the Life Process Program in your organization:

Train-the-trainer (4 Week Program)

Train-the-trainer (4 Week Program)
  • Recruit Peers Counsellors / Support Workers to undertake training
  • Peer Counsellors have twice weekly sessions with Life Process Program Coaches, learning how to best support peers in the program
  • Peer Counsellors also have access to the full client-side Life Process Program

Life Process Program – for clients (8 Week Program)

Life Process Program – for clients (8 Week Program)
  • Collect baseline data from participants
  • Begin 8 week Life Process Program with support from Peer Counsellors
  • Peer Counsellors have weekly check-in meeting with our Life Process Program Coach
  • Solicit regular feedback from participants and peers

Train the Trainer Program

4 Week Program (8 Lessons)

We provide training to enable and empower internal resources to support the delivery of the Life Process Program to peers.

Training includes 8 * 1 hour of hands-on training (2 sessions per week), delivered to ‘Peer Counselors by trained Life Process Program Team members.

Supporting the initial participants

We provide ongoing support to the Peer Counselors as they facilitate the initial cohort of participants.


Resource Guide

Peer Counsellors will have access to our comprehensive ‘Train the Trainers Resource Guide’, with background information on our approach.

The Resource Guide will include links to relevant videos and resources where appropriate.

Certificate of Completion

On completion of the 4 week ‘Train the Trainer’ program we will provide the Peer Counsellors with a “Certificate of Completion”.

Full Access to the Life Process Program

All Peer Counselors will have full access to their own Life Process Program account through the lifecycle of the training. This will allow the Peer Counselors to participate in the program themselves and will also enable them to access the same content that their peers are accessing.

Life Process Program – for participants


Administrators will have the ability to add and manage clients onto the program. They can also add their own ‘Peer Counsellors’ onto the program as coaches and assign their clients to work directly with their own Peer Counsellors.

Going through the Program

Participants will work through each of the eight modules. Each module includes:

  • An Intro Video with Dr Stanton Peele
  • A Series of Bite-Sized Reading Materials
  • A Series of Exercises and Questions

The program is designed to be completed at a pace of one module per week, giving a total of 8 weeks to complete.

Weekly Support & Group Meetings

We recommend that the participants are provided with 3 levels of support on a weekly basis:

  • One-to-One Peer Support Session with their Peer Counselor
  • Weekly Internal In-Person Group Meeting, led by Peer Counselors
  • (Optional) Weekly ‘External’ Online Group Meeting, led by Life Process Program Coach

Certificate of Completion

Participants will be provided with a ‘Certificate of Completion’ on completion of all eight modules of the program.


Participants will continue to have access to the entire program for 6 months after the initial 8-week program.

We also recommend continued weekly meetings where possible

If you are involved in an organization that is helping and supporting vulnerable communities, and you want to find out more about how the Life Process Program could help support you, please reach out for more information: