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Does This Resonate With You?

– Feeling overwhelmed by an addiction?
– Rejecting the notion that addiction is a lifelong disease?
– Seeking an alternative to AA and other 12-step programs?
– Ready to reclaim control and responsibility over your life?
– Wanting to rediscover a life filled with meaning and purpose where addiction has no place?
– Searching for a program tailored to your privacy, fitting seamlessly into your life and schedule?

If you found yourself agreeing to most of these, the Life Process Program is tailor-made for you.

Join the community of thousands who have transformed their lives through our discrete, affordable, and effective online program developed by Dr. Stanton Peele, the world leading authority on non-12 step addiction recovery.

We understand the journey, and we know how to make recovery real.

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What's Included & What Does the Program Look Like

At a glance - Program Overview

Icon Eight Modules

Eight Comprehensive Modules containing detailed reading material specific to your addiction

Icon 50+ Reflective Exercises

Engage in exercises that dive deep into your values, motivation, relationships, and beyond

Icon Personalized Coaching

Regular feedback, advice and guidance from your dedicated Coach (Coach-led program only)

Icon Life Story

Dive into your past, understanding emotions and choices that have shaped your journey

Icon Community Connection

Participate in online discussions and meetings, fostering peer support and shared growth

Icon One-on-One Coaching Sessions

Optional Upgrade to purchase 1-1 sessions with your coach

Your Journey with the Life Process Program

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Each module is introduced by Dr. Peele, providing insights into key recovery components:

  • Self Reflection
  • Values
  • Motivation
  • Rewards
  • Resources
  • Support
  • Maturity
  • Greater Goals

Beyond the video introductions, each module offers in-depth reading material. Dive deep or skim—choose the pace that suits you, then apply what you’ve learned through thought-provoking exercises.

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A major component in the Life Process Program is the exercises that accompany each module. You will be asked to complete a series of questions that will challenge your understanding of the ideas and how to use them to recover.

The exercises are not a test, and there are no right or wrong answers. They are open questions designed to get you thinking in ways that will help you better understand how to fight and beat your addiction.

For clients who select the Coach-led option, your coach will go through each of your exercises and provide you with detailed written feedback to help guide you through your recovery.

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Schedule a session with your dedicated coach

Within the coaching area, you can access your coach’s availability diary and schedule a 1-1 meeting. You choose the date and time that suits you, and you select your preferred format:

  • Video
  • Audio
  • Text/Livechat

For clients on the coach-led program, your first 20-minute introductory session is free. This is a great way to get to know your coach. After that, you can purchase additional one hour sessions from as little as $70 per sessions. These additional coaching sessions are completely optional and can be purchased at any point in the program.

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Write your Life Story

Revisiting your life’s journey is a critical way to explore your choices and the impact they have had on you and those around you.

Don’t worry, we are not going to start probing for trauma or ask you to dwell indefinitely on your earliest memories.  But we do believe that it is important for you to reflect on the journey that you have travelled through life to bring you to where you are today.

Once your life story is complete, we will begin to focus on moving beyond the negatives you may identify toward a positive future with the life of purpose you have always wanted.

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Join our coach-led weekly online group meetings

We want to provide you with opportunities to interact and practice the coping and social skills that can help you move away from addictive activities and back into the vibrant world that awaits you.

Participate actively or just listen—it’s your call.

For those of you who are already meeting with coaches, we believe this group dynamic will add a new dimension of support and help people in thinking through their addictive issues with others.

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Our online addiction treatment program is built on simple human ingredients.

The 8 Module Journey

Module 1

Self Reflection

We believe that anyone, including you, can achieve recovery by creating the necessary fundamental supports in your life.  People with strong values, and with the motivation to change, succeed better at quitting addictions. You need to seek and gain these advantages that non-addicted people have. In the first module we help you assess what assets you have and what assets you need to acquire to help you lead an addiction-free life.

Module 2


Values play a critical role in addiction, and your values are likely to be the key to your escaping addiction.  In this module we will examine values that are the most anti-addictive and how you can use your own values as a tool to fight addiction. We provide exercises that are geared toward identifying and utilizing your true values.

Module 3


This module shows how critical motivation is in overcoming addiction, and reviews the best methods for energizing you to change, even when dealing with the most severe addictions. You will learn therapy techniques that have been shown to be the most effective for improving your motivation and combating addictions.

Module 4


If motivation is the force that drives you to act, then rewards are what you gain from that activity. People quit their addictions when they begin to get more rewards for living without the addiction than they got from feeding the addiction. Put into economic terms, you give up your habit when you believe that its costs exceed its benefits.

Module 5


Overcoming addiction requires you to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. We will help you assess what resources you already have and what resources you currently lack.  You will develop the skills that will allow you to expand your resources. Key assets in fighting addiction include supportive relationships, work skills and accomplishments, hobbies and interests and developing coping skills such as being able to deal with stress. Included in the exercise package for developing your inner resources are the critical tools of mindfulness and meditation.

Module 6

Support and Intimacy

Human beings are social animals. Our peers and intimates have an enormous impact on our perspectives and our behaviour. We respond in both positive and negative ways to those we are intimate and live with. In this module we explore skills and strategies for creating the support network that can help you lead a fulfilling, addiction free life. You will explore here your past relationship traumas and how these can create anxieties to overcome in your current relationships.

Module 7

A Mature Identity

Overcoming addiction requires growing up and assuming adult roles. And to mature, you need to do more than simply get older—you also need to experience life and learn its lessons. In Module 7 we look at tools and strategies for developing a new version of yourself; one which does not call attention to your addiction and one where addiction does not define who you are.

Module 8

Greater Goals

The most successful strategy for tackling addiction is to see yourself as an active participant in the addiction and its solution. Your selection and pursuit of goals is among the best ways to make sure you overcome and avoid addiction. In this final module we help guide you towards setting and keeping track of goals as you pursue a life full of meaning and purpose.

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