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Corrections Policy

At The Life Process Program, we are committed to delivering accurate, relevant, and up-to-date content to our valued readers, based on our non-disease approach to addiction. As our content addresses issues such as mental health and addition recovery, we understand that the importance of providing accurate information.

Our reputation for trustworthiness is crucial to us, and we adhere to our foundational principles with diligence. Here’s how we manage content and address potential corrections:

1. Foundational Approach:
Our content is grounded in the belief that addiction is not a disease, offering an alternative to the traditional 12-step approach which views addiction otherwise. While both perspectives exist, and no definitive proof establishes one as the ultimate truth, our approach is based on our firm conviction and a wide body of supportive evidence.

2. Editorial Review:
Every piece of content on our website undergoes a meticulous review by our dedicated editorial team. Content created by Dr Stanton Peele will always be reviewed by an internal team member before publication, and content created by Zach Rhoads or Dee Cloward will always be reviewed by Dr Stanton Peele before publication.

This multi-step process involves fact-checking, quality assessment, and adherence to our editorial standards. The content is updated regularly to ensure its relevance and accuracy.

3. Reader Feedback:
We highly value the input of our readers. If you come across any discrepancies or believe that certain information is outdated or inaccurate, we encourage you to reach out. This can be done through or contact form or by emailing

4. Reader Feedback:
We value the input of our readers. If you come across discrepancies, we encourage you to reach out through comments or direct emails to our editorial team. However, please understand that foundational beliefs, like our stance on addiction, will remain consistent with our program’s philosophy.

5. Prompt Corrections:
Should an error unrelated to our foundational beliefs be identified, we commit to taking immediate action. Corrections will be made swiftly, and a note will be added to the content piece, indicating the nature of the correction and the date it was amended.

6. Transparency:
When we make corrections, they will be clearly marked and communicated. We won’t change content without indicating what was amended, ensuring our readers always have access to the most accurate information we provide.

While we respect and recognize the diversity of views on addiction, our approach offers a distinct perspective that we believe provides meaningful value to many. We invite our readers to engage with our content, understanding the philosophy from which we approach the subject.

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