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Articles relating to Sex Addiction.

Love Addiction: How to Avoid an Abusive and Destructive Relationship

How can you avoid getting into a relationship with someone who physically assaults you — may even kill you? And how do you extricate yourself without being harmed? People refer to addictions to drugs as “bad decisions.” But the...

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Is It OK To Masturbate Everyday? | Q&A With Dr. Stanton Peele

  Question: Dear Dr. Peele, I have a question that I believe you may be able to provide some guidance on: is it okay to masturbate every day? As a topic that is often shrouded in stigma and misconceptions,...

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Dealing with “Triggers” and Avoiding Relapse

The Life Process Program approaches everything as a life journey, that is as a process. LPP doesn’t see an individual “triggering” thing or event “causing” you to relapse. If you move your life in a positive direction, you will...

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Why Addiction Can Be Difficult to Overcome (and why you will still succeed)

It can be difficult for some people to hear about how so many people drink or take drugs without problems, or becoming addicted. Or, on the other hand, to learn how many overcome addiction in the course of time,...

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Sex Addiction and Racial Murder

  A New York Times front page headline (March 19, 2021) read: Sex and Guilt Defined Life of a Suspect.  Robert Aaron Long was accused of killing eight people at several Atlanta massage parlors. Most of the victims were...

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Can People Outgrow Sex Addiction?

Yes, just like they do drug and alcohol addictions. But Dear Prudie doesn’t know that. I regularly write about natural recovery from addiction because it illuminates the underlying dynamic of why people recover in bold relief: they quit because...

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Sex and Relationships – Ask Stanton

Save me from the addict I’m with What should I do? I cheated on my alcoholic husband, now he can’t stop thinking about it I gave up everything for my boyfriend and now that he’s left, I’m desolate I’m...

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If Gambling, Games, and Sex are Addictive, What is Addiction?

Gambling Addiction DSM 5’s announcement that the psychiatric diagnostic manual will, for the first time, call something addictive that doesn’t involve substance abuse — gambling — has opened the floodgates. It is intriguing to consider how gambling was placed in this...

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How Did We Discover Sex Addiction?

We have discovered sex is addictive—why now, with what implications? As the author of Love and Addiction (in which I discussed sex addiction in 1975), I have kept a close view on the societal vision of addiction in re sex. I pointed out in that book...

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Why Anthony Weiner Is Not a Sex Addict

As the author of “Love and Addiction,” I am a frequent go-to person for media to ask, “Is Anthony Weiner addicted to sex?” My answer? No, he’s not. Women contact me because their husbands spend all night — night...

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Is Sex Really Addictive?

Stanton reviews a new medical tome on sexual addiction, by psychoanalyst Aviel Goodman. Yes, people become addicted to sex; no, it is not a medical disease best treated by the 12 steps. Contemporary Psychology, 44:154-156, 1999 Review of Sexual Addiction:...

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Will Sex Addiction Be in DSM-V?

The fight over the new psychiatric manual, DSM-V, has escalated. The conflict is due to an underlying flaw in the manual’s conception. Rather than tracing human activity in terms of its impact for people’s lives, it instead attempts to...

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