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Five Addictive Aspects of Donald Trump’s Need for Love, Sex, and Intimacy

Over the weekend, Anderson Cooper interviewed two former mistresses of Donald Trump.  First was former Playboy model Karen McDougal on CNN.  Second was his interview on 60 Minutes with adult film actress Stormy Daniels (aka Stephanie Clifford). The women—and...

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Roy Moore, Sex, Republicans, and Religious Conservatism

Conservative Republicans and Christians aren’t against sex — just adult sex News item: Roy Moore, the Republican senatorial candidate from Alabama, stands accused of dating teenagers when he was a professional in his 30s (to which he has largely...

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Can People Outgrow Sex Addiction?

Yes, just like they do drug and alcohol addictions. But Dear Prudie doesn’t know that. I regularly write about natural recovery from addiction because it illuminates the underlying dynamic of why people recover in bold relief: they quit because...

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Sex and Relationships – Ask Stanton

Save me from the addict I’m with What should I do? I cheated on my alcoholic husband, now he can’t stop thinking about it I gave up everything for my boyfriend and now that he’s left, I’m desolate I’m...

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If Gambling, Games, and Sex are Addictive, What is Addiction?

Gambling Addiction DSM 5’s announcement that the psychiatric diagnostic manual will, for the first time, call something addictive that doesn’t involve substance abuse — gambling — has opened the floodgates. It is intriguing to consider how gambling was placed in this...

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What Is Sex For? Rush Limbaugh’s and Rick Santorum’s Sex Lives

The air waves are awash—including the President, the opinion pages of the New York Times, and both liberal and conservative news programs—with the sounds of Rick Santorum’s and Rush Limbaugh’s sex lives. Rick Santorum rejects the modern sexual revolution(whatever that comprises); more than...

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Are American Women Allowed to Have Sex Because They Want It?

To acknowledge that women desire sex is beyond the pale in America I write periodically that Americans are paralyzed by sex—we can’t teach our kids to enjoy sex, we can’t imagine adolescents having sex, we can’t watch real sex in movies—certainly not gay...

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Dear Reverend Santorum: I’m 66, Is Sex Okay?

Mr. Santorum—I’m a senior—can I have sex when you become President? It turns out that what divides Americans most of all—to judge from the most heated current political controversies—is … sex! Since I am a Democrat—I’m for it! (At...

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Diablo Cody, “Young Adult,” and Pushing the Envelope—Sans Sex

Isn’t sex supposed to be fun? Diablo Cody (who was born with the middle-American name Brook Busey) is the Hollywood A-list—but not quite mainstream—writer who wrote the Academy-Award winning original screenplay for the 2007 film, Juno, about a teenage girl’s...

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Three Things You’re Not Allowed to Discuss: Sex, Race, and Religion

There are certain taboo topics in polite society – here they are! Observing the American political scene, where attitudes and behavior are dissected daily, you learn there are certain topics that are simply verboten. For example, Herman Cain’s latest...

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