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Articles relating to Love & Relationships.

Is Jonah Hill Guilty of Abuse by Therapy?

Do standard mental health treatment and labels hurt people more than help them? At LPP we avoid standard diagnostic labels and tropes (ways of expressing things). Here’s why. Jonas Hill’s former girlfriend, Sarah Brady, accused Hill of abusing her...

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Love Addiction: How to Avoid an Abusive and Destructive Relationship

How can you avoid getting into a relationship with someone who physically assaults you — may even kill you? And how do you extricate yourself without being harmed? People refer to addictions to drugs as “bad decisions.” But the...

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Dealing with “Triggers” and Avoiding Relapse

The Life Process Program approaches everything as a life journey, that is as a process. LPP doesn’t see an individual “triggering” thing or event “causing” you to relapse. If you move your life in a positive direction, you will...

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Social Connection, Depression, and Suicide | The Surgeon General’s Social Media Advisory

As medical treatment for drug use and depression continue to increase, more people— often young people— suffer and die from each. What’s the connection? Is it social connection? A strange phenomenon occurred during the Vietnam War. After the Secretaries...

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How American Psychiatry Misled the World and Ruined Mental Health Worldwide

For a half century, at least, American psychiatry and its fellow travelers have been cheerleading a descent into madness. We stand on the threshold of advances in the biological sciences so relevant to psychopathology that one can look forward...

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Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s Love Addiction

  We have been watching the Johnny Depp lawsuit against Amber Heard with great interest. Except we don’t care if Johnny Depp wins his defamation suit against Amber Heard. Nor will we render an opinion about whether “mutual abuse”...

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Quinta Brunson’s Love Addiction and Recovery

Quinta Brunson licked the toughest addiction— with purpose. Quinta Brunson—creator, writer and star of ABC’s Abbott Elementary—has written something of an addiction manual in her 2021 memoir, She Memes Well. In all of Brunson’s work, she reckons to have...

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Dirty John and Love Addiction: How to Avoid Relationship SCAMS

Kaila Yu contemplated in the Times whether love addiction is real, an actual motivation for behavior. It was strong enough for a young woman to stab to death her identical twin with whom she was involved in a love...

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Love & Relationship Addiction: How can the The Life Process Program© support?

The Life Process Program addresses addiction, and yet it deals with love and relationships. How do those fit with addiction? Love & Relationship addictions exist when a person devotes themselves so much to one type of experience or involvement...

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Is Harvey Weinstein Addicted to Love?

Power monster Harvey Weinstein isn’t after sex, primarily. What does he want? This post is in response to The 7 hardest addictions to quit – love is the worst! by Stanton Peele Everyone agrees that Harvey Weinstein is a...

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Sex and Relationships – Ask Stanton

Save me from the addict I’m with What should I do? I cheated on my alcoholic husband, now he can’t stop thinking about it I gave up everything for my boyfriend and now that he’s left, I’m desolate I’m...

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Love Can Be An Addiction

People can become addicted to other people in the same way they become addicted to drugs. We are not using the term addiction in a metaphorical sense; we mean it literally. The interpersonal dependencies in the cases that follow...

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