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The Meaning of Recovery Has Changed, You Just Don’t Know It

The US agency that deals with substance abuse treatment redefines recovery! Every day Americans are educated over and over again about the meaning of recovery: celebrities tour the country describing their miraculous redemption due to 12-step rehab; columnists instruct...

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Anyone Can Escape Addiction—But Fatalistic Views of Biology or Trauma Persuade People Otherwise

Earlier this year, Maia Szalavitz, my fellow Influence columnist and an old comrade-in-arms, released her masterful book,Unbroken Brain, one that displays skills I only wish I had, and that I try to emulate. In it, she’s kind enough to...

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Seven Things We Must Understand About Addiction to Undo the Mistakes of the Past 40 Years

When Archie Brodsky and I were writing Love and Addiction in the early 1970s, a medical resident told us, “Oh, we’ve established what addiction was long ago.” It turns out, that wasn’t true. In 2013, DSM-5, the most recent...

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Addiction Is Always There – How To Keep From Drowning In It

We are recognizing that addiction is a regular part of life, and it scares the hell out of us. When I published Love and Addiction with Archie Brodsky in 1975, we received catcalls from my fellow faculty members at...

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Chronic Brain Disease and Addiction

Abstract The world, led by the United States, is hell bent on establishing the absence of choice in addiction, as expressed by the defining statement that addiction is a “chronic relapsingbrain disease” (my emphasis). The figure most associated with...

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People Conquer Addiction With Their Minds

Americans are dead set on finding a magic-bullet solution for thier addictions.  Experts in the field, including pharmacologists, neuroscientists, psychiatrists, and psychotherapists—adding their voices to the 12-step movement—are all clamoring to be recognized as the true messiahs leading us...

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All Treatment: Best Blogs of 2012!

Stanton was awarded the best Academic Blog by All Treatment. Read more here.

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Podcast Tonight (10/29/12)

Stanton is speaking about overcoming addiction on podcast tonight, 10 PM Eastern

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The Deluded World of Addiction Experts

Following are five key ways in which addiction experts demonstrate this detachment from the most self-evident truths about addiction, and what causes their addiction delusions. I.  Most People Get Over Addiction.  I have driven home the points revealed by the NIAAA’s...

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The Meaning of Addiction Has Changed — Addiction is Not a Characteristic of Things

Writing as editor of MedPage Today, the redoubtable George Lundberg* confidently (and briefly) declared: “All drugs are habit-forming, but only a subset of psychoactive drugs can produce psychological and physical dependence, tolerance, and withdrawal symptoms when taken away, the usual...

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