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The Life Process Program Approach to MAT and Harm Reduction

The Life Process Program’s “MAT Empowerment Model”  MAT stands for medication-assisted treatment. This is the use of medications to assist recovery from addiction. Harm reduction as it relates to substance use means improvement, or recovery, while continuing to use...

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Nine Easy and Effective Addiction Problem-Solving Steps That You Can Do ANYWHERE

Stressful situations or problems can be major addiction-triggers (even when stress is unrelated to addictions past or present). Thus, developing effective problem-solving skills– better ways of coping with such situations– is essential to breaking an addictive cycle. Here are...

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Can I Be My Best Self If I’m Actively Using Drugs?

Last week, a podcast listener emailed us with such an interesting question that we wanted to share the question and our answer with you. Listen to our answer in this video, or read our exchange below. Question: I feel...

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SMART Recovery and the Life Process Program: Major Differences and Welcome Similarities

12-step groups like AA are largely ineffective at curbing drug and alcohol addiction. Happily, SMART Recovery (Self Management and Recovery Training) is another lay-led support group and that honors the principles of personal agency and development that we talk...

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5 Mindfulness Strategies To Help Beat Addiction

With Contributions From Ilse Thompson Mindfulness is the antidote for addiction. Happily, living mindfully is simple with practice, and getting started doesn’t necessarily require meditation or intense practice. In this article, you will learn five tools for living more...

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10 Guiding Principles for Maturity and “Natural Recovery” 

The idea of addiction as inevitably a lifetime burden is a myth. In fact, most people resolve addictions over time and most do so without professional or support-group help.  We know this because the American government’s own data tells...

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Harm Reduction in Policing and Addiction

Harm Reduction is the elimination of worst-case scenarios with drugs and alcohol. Can the same concept apply to policing?  The Life Process Program utilizes harm reduction techniques in addictions.  These involve cases where people are not abstaining completely from...

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Pete Davidson’s Path to Recovery: Work, Collaboration, Responsibility

Pete Davidson is an American phenomenon. The youngest cast member ever to appear on Saturday Night Live, at age 20, now 26, he stars in and wrote the forthcoming movie, The King of Staten Island, directed by Judd Apatow...

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The Future Is Now – Tackling addiction amidst the pandemic with LPP

We are in the midst of a disastrous mental health and addiction epidemic, in which the U.S. is at the bottom of the world heap. (See the 2019 World Happiness Report chapter, “Addiction and Unhappiness in America.”) This plummeting...

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Competing Motivations: social engagement versus social distancing

If, as Johan Harri said, the opposite of addiction is connection, what do we do in a pandemic when the safest thing to do is actually avoid each other? These are unprecedented and challenging circumstances. I don’t need to...

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