The Future Is Now – Tackling addiction amidst the pandemic with LPP

Stanton Peele By: Dr. Stanton Peele

Posted on May 25th, 2020 - Last updated: September 28th, 2023
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We are in the midst of a disastrous mental health and addiction epidemic, in which the U.S. is at the bottom of the world heap. (See the 2019 World Happiness Report chapter, “Addiction and Unhappiness in America.”)

This plummeting of our mental health and addiction outcomes preceded the pandemic, and shows just how much our mental health and addiction disease approach has derailed us.

Of course, the pandemic and Trump are beyond anyone’s ultimate ability to make out what the future holds.

However, the isolating effects and the reinforcement of inequality (the work-at-homers vs. the laborers) seemingly indicate that current events are strongly reinforcing our addiction-proneness.

It has never been more important to me that I provide a platform that is at once both affordable for everyone, and a reprieve from our culture’s worst addiction ideas and trends.

The Life Process Program meets people where they are (both literally and figuratively) to rebuild themselves, and to be better prepared to live purposefully amidst the uncertainty of our era.

I and my coaches think that you can do this, and that you can do it through the Life Process Program.

Stanton Peele

Dr. Stanton Peele, recognized as one of the world's leading addiction experts, developed the Life Process Program after decades of research, writing, and treatment about and for people with addictions. Dr. Peele is the author of 14 books. His work has been published in leading professional journals and popular publications around the globe.

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