Harm Reduction 101: How to Explain Harm Reduction to Your Skeptical Friends and Colleagues

Zach Rhoads By: Zach Rhoads
Reviewed By: Dr Stanton Peele

Posted on January 20th, 2021 - Last updated: September 18th, 2023
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Harm Reduction is an approach to reducing the harm associated with potentially dangerous activity– it’s common sense. But many people balk at harm reduction practice and policy when drug use is involved.

In this video, LPP coach Zach Rhoads introduces the concept of Harm Reduction for both addictive and non-addictive behaviors, laying out the philosophy in a way that should make sense for even the greatest skeptics. The video is valuable for those who wish to understand fundamental ideas behind harm reduction. Likewise, the video will help you if you want to get through to friends, family members, or colleagues who are hesitant to accept the premise.

Here are time-stamps for each topic covered in the video:

0:000:40 — Broad harm reduction definition

00:41 — Wearing a seat belt is harm reduction

02:58 — Harm reduction and Coronavirus

04:27 — Harm reduction for alcohol

06:47 — “natural recovery from addictionn”

07:16 — Wet housing as harm reduction for alcohol

10:57 — Harm Reduction for substance use problems

11:14 — Harm reduction for HIV/AIDS

12:07 — America’s fatal resistance to harm reduction

13:42 — Narcotic substitution therapy

14:20 — Naloxone

15:09 — Drug consumption sites

16:31 — Marijuana as pain relief and as harm reduction for problematic narcotic use.

17:05 — America’s fatal resistance to harm reduction part II (Refusal to allow clean needle programs despite best evidence that they save lives)

18:22 — Harm reduction encourages self-acceptance and self-responsibility (Not “enabling”)

19:00 — America is obsessed with “Recovery” and AA

20:30 — In summary . . .

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