Elton John and Bob Weir: Two (not so) Recovery Stories — Podcast episode 34

Zach Rhoads By: Zach Rhoads
Reviewed By: Dr Stanton Peele

Posted on October 2nd, 2020 - Last updated: September 18th, 2023
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Welcome to the LPP Podcast Episode 34!

This is a sneak peak at a new weekly segment by Stanton Peele and Zach Rhoads, called “Sundays With Stories”  You can listen to the audio version of the podcast HERE

Stanton Peele and Zach Rhoads, an addiction and a child development specialist respectively, converse about the realities of addiction and substance misuse in their Sunday conversations. Stanton and Zach work together in the online Life Process Program and in publications like Outgrowing Addiction: With Common Sense Instead of “Disease” Therapy. Their Sunday Conversations tap into this overwhelming truth: people have the capacity to overcome addiction. And, in fact (like Zach himself) they regularly do so.

The audio version of the podcast is here: 

How do we know?

ALL life studies of people’s substance use show that people successfully come to grips with their addictions. Moreover, people all around you can tell you tales of such natural, developmental recovery. Only they’re not “allowed” to tell their stories, for fear of offending the dysfunctional, but all-powerful, recovery community.

Today, the two talk about Elton John’s recovery story as told in the movie Rocket Man, and compare that with his own words about drug and alcohol addiction in his life (and how he overcame it).

Then they talk about Bob Weir, the famous Grateful Dead rhythm guitar player who rejects the idea that recovery means being abstinent from drugs and alcohol forever.

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