Dr. Tom Horvath Responds to LPP Article on SMART Recovery— Podcast Episode 40!

Zach Rhoads By: Zach Rhoads
Reviewed By: Dr Stanton Peele

Posted on November 16th, 2020 - Last updated: September 18th, 2023
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Not so long ago, we (at the Life Process Program) published a blog comparing and contrasting SMART Recovery and the Life Process Program.

Shortly after doing so, Dr. Tom Horvath (the  former president of SMART Recovery) wrote to us and responded to the piece. Happily, he liked the blog (whew!) But he did have a bone to pick with us– namely, that we wrote “SMART Recovery is an abstinence-based program. . . .” Evidently, SMART is actually no longer focused on abstinence from drugs, alcohol or any other involvement.

So we invited him to be our guest on the LPP Podcast so that he could explain this update for himself.  While we had him on the show, Zach Rhoads interviewed Dr. Horvath about his upbringing, education, and how he wound up working in the addiction field in the first place (especially in the non-disease space).

So please enjoy episode 40 with Dr. Tom Horvath!


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