TV Addiction – How To Best Help My Son?

December 14, 2013

Hi Dr. Peele, Season’s greetings from Calgary! My son is obsessed with TV watching. He is 13 years old. However he is addicted to Cartoons, Laptop games.  He spends up to 12-13 hours in front of TV. Whenever we tried to convince him.He does not listen to us and even become violent . His daily […]

Crack Addiction – Please Help My Brother

December 2, 2013

Hi Dr. Peele! I’m trying to help my brother to fight his crack addiction. I’d really like to receive some tips about what to do, cause I don’t know if I’m really helping him. Does he have to stop smoking right now? Or can he reduce the quantity of the drug until he stops? I […]

I Have Relapsed So Many Times

June 23, 2013

Dr. Peele, I have relapsed so many times but I went to Betty Ford and got 1 year 5 months clean. Then my husband told me to get off my insomnia med (Trazodone) and I did. Then he told me that in order to move back in the house with him and my daughter, I […]

Addictions To People – Codependency With Family

June 4, 2013

Hello Dr. Peele, I need some advice please.  My mother is co-dependent I think.  My mother and father married young (16 yr. old), and had me.  My mother was a “mind your husband” wife, doing what he asked, and being a homemaker.  They had nothing in common and my father was violent.  The last time […]

Thanks For Your Addiction Books and Help

June 3, 2013

Dr. Peele, Just a little note to express my gratitude to you for the books you have written.  It sounds strange to say so, but reading your “7 Steps” did more for me, and more quickly, than any number of stints in “rehab.”  In brief, I have suffered since the year 2000 with chronic pancreatitis, […]

Cross Addiction – Is There Such a Thing?

May 26, 2013

Hello Dr. Peele, I was hoping you could shed some light on a the topic of cross addiction for me. I have just recently found out what cross addiction is, the idea that if you are addicted to one mood altering substance, you are automatically addicted to all mood altering substances, but it didn’t sound […]

Lost and Miserable After Attending Alcoholics Anonymous

Dear Dr.Peele, I sincerely want to change my habits, I am totally aware that what I am doing is self destructive. However as a person who has survived severe emotional and physical childhood abuse by my mother, I cannot or will not ever admit I am powerless again. In spite of it all I am […]

Is a 12 Step Program Right For Me

May 25, 2013

Dr. Peele, I am currently in an intensive out patient program. It is a 12 step based program and a cognitive behavioral type program. The latter I have no problem with I agree I have personal “defects” that could use improving the former is old news to me. I am 48 I have been in […]

Alcoholics Anonymous Criticism

April 27, 2013

AA Member: It’s dangerous to give people choices! Dear Stanton, I disagree regarding this post.  As a recovering alcoholic, I know of nothing else other than AA that has worked for me long term, and believe me, I have tried everything and have the financial means to try everything. I would have spent over $100K […]

Is there such a thing as workaholism?

March 14, 2013

  Further Reading Dear Stanton: Is there such a thing as workaholism? I’ve read three-fourths of the material on your website and haven’t run into any material dealing with the topic. I do understand that under your model of addiction, any activity can be addictive if it’s done compulsively and to the detriment of other […]