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Outgrowing Addiction: With Common Sense Instead of “Disease” Therapy – S. Peele & Z.Rhoads

Stanton Peele, Ph.D., J.D., The Atlantic: One of the experts changing how we see addiction Zach Rhoads, School child development specialist       “Outgrowing Addiction is a meditation for parents on how to avoid the trap of medicalizing...

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Managing Meds, Life, and Suicide: Claire Tomalin

A brilliant literary editor and biographer, whose editing and writing penetrates deeply into her subjects, has fatal trouble in her own life. Claire Tomalin is an English literary editor (Sunday Times) and award-winning biographer (of Mary Wollstonecraft, Samuel Pepys,...

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The Reassuringly Normal Recovery of Lindsay Lohan

Remember when Lohan was portrayed as the incorrigible bad-girl alcoholic who would never change—i.e., enter recovery? She may not now be in “recovery” in the sense that word is most often used in America. But she sure has changed....

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Ask Stanton

Over the last two decades, Stanton Peele has answered numerous questions from readers about the following subjects: Addiction Questions Nonsubstance Addictions How To Think About Solving an Addiction Sex and Relationships Society and Science Questions Drug Policy Harm Reduction...

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Webinar: Love and Addiction Revisited with Stanton Peele and Archie Brodsky

Love and Addiction Revisited Saturday, October 13, 2018 5:00 PM EDT Register:   Stanton Peele and Archie Brodsky will join SMART Recovery® for a FREE Special Event Webinar revisiting the concept of behavioral addiction first espoused in 1975...

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Love & Relationship Addiction: How can the The Life Process Program© support?

The Life Process Program addresses addiction, and yet it deals with love and relationships. How do those fit with addiction? Love & Relationship addictions exist when a person devotes themselves so much to one type of experience or involvement...

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Addiction is NOT a disease

THE GROWTH OF ADDICTION TREATMENT in the United States, predicated on the idea that alcoholism and addictions of all kinds are diseases, is a public-relations triumph, and not a triumph of reason or science. The idea that modern addiction...

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Self-manage your ‘addiction’ with the Life Process Program

The disease model of addiction does more harm than good because it does not give people enough credit for their resilience and capacity to change. It underestimates people’s ability to figure out what is good for them and to...

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Are you READY to quit your addiction?

THE simplest answer to the question “When do people change?” is “When they want to.” No amount of science, therapy, and brain scans is ever going to change this truth. This module shows how critical motivation is in overcoming...

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How to Beat Addiction

This program points out many actual stories of recovered addicts, virtually all of whom did it on their own. These cases come from all walks of life, and from all of my many activities. That is, some are based...

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