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Part Time / Remote Freelance Opportunity

🚀 Join Our Dynamic Digital Content Team!

Are you a digital media aficionado and social media maven? Do you thrive on crafting compelling content? We invite you to leverage your expertise with us.
Engage in an enticing freelance / remote working opportunity, dedicating approximately 10-15 hours per week, all while collaborating with our enthusiastic online team.

🎯 Your Role
As our Social Media & Digital Marketing Executive, you will spearhead the curation and delivery of stellar content across Life Process Program’s various platforms. Your mission? Expand our reach, resonate with newcomers, and consistently delight our loyal audience.

Your Impact:

📝 Content Creation: Craft and release inspiring content via social media, our website, and email channels.

🎧 Podcast Curator: Take charge of our weekly podcast series for our YouTube audience.

🔄 Content Repurposing: Dive into our rich archive, reviving and reimagining content from our extensive collection of blogs and podcasts.

🚀 Website Custodian: Elevate our website’s user experience, from image optimization to publishing fresh content, while ensuring top-notch SEO.

📊 Data Interpreter: Harness platform analytics to refine and redefine our content strategy.

Success Benchmarks:

– Propel Life Process Program as a front-runner in offering a fresh perspective on online addiction treatments.

– Boost our community engagement across platforms like YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram.

– Be our digital compass, guiding our leadership with strategic insights on our online imprint.

What We Seek:

– Mastery in shaping and sharing content—be it video, text, image, or graphics.

– Proficiency with leading social media platforms and tools.

– Hands-on experience with industry-standard digital marketing software.

–  An inventive spirit and a flair for creativity.

–  Passion for a compassionate approach in assisting those grappling with challenging habits.

Your Journey So Far:

– 1-3 years immersed in content creation for platforms like Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat.

–  A captivating portfolio or videoreel.

–  A proven track record of collaborative endeavors.

💌 Ready to Make a Mark?
Send your portfolio and CV to

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