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About the gambling program

The Life Process Gambling Program was developed to provide an alternative option to Gamblers Anonymous (GA).  We wanted to create a viable alternative for those that do not agree with the 12-step philosophy or did not find success with the steps.  There is always hope.

How the gambling course works

The program is broken down into eight parts, or modules, which consist of reading material prepared by Dr. Peele and exercises relevant to the topic of that module.  The exercises are not a test of your knowledge of the material, but rather an opportunity for you to reflect on your addictive behavior and apply the material to your life.

About gambling addiction

Gambling addiction has been debated for decades.  Dr. Peele first identified gambling as an addiction in 1975 and has written and lectured on the topic ever since.  The medical community has finally come around to Dr. Peele’s thinking on this topic.  Recognising this, in 2013 the DSM-5 (the diagnosis manual for psychologists) included gambling addiction for the first time.

Why the gambling course works

The program is based on years of experience with this topic.  However, the largest reason for the program’s success is because it relies on YOU.  You are the one working to change your life.  The readings and exercises are designed to help you examine your life and your behaviour.

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Eight comprehensive, interactive modules

Eight comprehensive, interactive modules

Challenging and thought provoking exercises

Challenging and thought provoking exercises

Your own dedicated ‘Life Story’ Module

Your own dedicated ‘Life Story’ Module

Dr. Stanton Peele Video Files

Dr. Stanton Peele Video Files

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Each person’s experience of the Life Process Program is self-directed.  You complete the modules at your own pace, spending as much time as you feel is necessary considering the exercises.

The Life Process Gambling Program covers a range of topics designed to get you to think more about your life, your addictive behavior, and your goals.

The program begins with a self-assessment to establish a starting point for your life at present.  The program continues by looking at your values, the resources you currently have or wish to gain, and the goals you want to establish in order to achieve the life you want.

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Stanton Peele, Ph.D.

I first identified gambling as an addiction in 1975, in my book Love and Addiction, and I have been writing and treating gambling addiction ever since. When the medical establishment and others in the addiction community contended that addictions had to be substance related, I maintained that other involvements — such as gambling, sex, food, and even love — could be just as addictive as alcohol or heroin. With the publication of DSM-5 (the latest edition of the psychiatric diagnostic reference manual) in 2013, the medical establishment has finally come around to my way of thinking by including, for the first time, gambling addiction among its diagnoses.

I have created an on-line alternative to help people overcome their gambling addictions, the Life Process Gambling Program, based on my four decades of research and experience with gambling and other addictions. The readings and exercises in this program — combined with coaches’ feedback and on-line face-to-face sessions — will help you discover the roots of your addictive behavior and give you the tools to rid your life of your gambling addiction permanently.

You will find no other program on line for gambling addiction as well-tested and with the demonstrated success of the Life Process Gambling Program. We look forward to your participation and ultimate success.

Sincerely yours,
Dr. Stanton Peele


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  • "Gambling was ruining my life. I had lost so much money and my husband was going to leave me. I had never considered quitting before I found Dr. Peele’s program online. I was able to work through the program without missing out on my life. It hasn’t always been easy, but the LPP really helped me focus on what’s important."

    Kathy J. USA, successful Life Process Program® graduate

  • "Stanton Peele is a true pioneer of addiction research and theory. His ideas must be reckoned with by anyone who is serious about understanding addiction—and they offer hope to the many millions for whom current approaches are not effective or who simply prefer evidence-based alternatives."

    Maia Szalavitz Neuroscience journalist and Time Magazine Healthland columnist

    Maia Szalavitz

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