The Addiction Experience – Now Available

The e-book of Stanton’s pamphlet, The Addiction Experience, on the inner experience of addiction, is now available on Amazon.

The Addiction Experience is a remarkably prescient look into addiction. Originally derived from Love and Addiction by Stanton Peele, it was published in the Canadian Addiction Research Foundation’s ARF Journal, from which it was translated and spread worldwide in French and other languages. It was then picked up by the Hazelden Foundation, where it became a best-seller for nearly a decade, until the Foundation discontinued its publication due to objections to Stanton’s nondisease approach.

The Addiction Experience is the classic explanation of how the object of addiction is an experience associated with a substance or other involvement (such as love, sex, or gambling) to which a person becomes attached despite its increasingly negative effects. Its experiential essence determines every aspect of addiction—from its often temporary nature, to its prevalence in certain circumstances (e.g., Vietnam), to the special addictiveness of painkillers—as well as the path to recovery.

Click here to access the pamphlet.

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