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Created by world renowned addiction expert Dr Stanton Peele, the Life Process Program was originally used in a residential treatment facility where it gained CARF International accreditation.

In 2015 we developed an online application which took the core elements of the program, and converted them into an accessible online format. Following on from the success of this early model, and armed with detailed insights into what worked and what didn’t work, in 2017 we redeveloped the online application from the ground up, whilst still retaining the core content from Dr Peele’s program.

The platform that we have now developed is, we believe, the best online addiction treatment program available. To date, the program has been available only as a ‘direct to consumer’ option, where the client signs-up directly online.

For our next phase of development, we want to look at options for extending the program for use within the wider addiction treatment industry. We are currently engaging with  industry professionals from treatment centers, clinics, IOP services, halfway houses etc to get a better idea of how the program could best be utilised to help like-minded organisations to deliver their work.

If you would be interested in getting involved in our development, or to request a demonstration, please contact us using the form below:

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