A case for safe injection facilities in Chittenden County

December 4, 2017

Guest Column: A case for safe injection facilities in Chittenden County By Zach Rhoads By Observer November 30, 2017 During a press conference Wednesday, State’s Attorney Sarah George announced she will support legislation to legally permit state-run “supervised injection facilities” — where drug users are permitted to consume or inject drugs under medical supervision. George […]

Roy Moore, Sex, Republicans, and Religious Conservatism

November 24, 2017

Conservative Republicans and Christians aren’t against sex — just adult sex News item: Roy Moore, the Republican senatorial candidate from Alabama, stands accused of dating teenagers when he was a professional in his 30s (to which he has largely conceded) and — criminally — of sexual petting with a 14-year-old. Roy Moore stands out even […]

What’s Wrong with Plagiarizing?

November 13, 2017

Watch out if you object to plagiarism! Fareed Zakaria, CNN commentator, Yale trustee, Harvard Ph.D., Washington Post columnist, and best-selling author has now weighed in on his plagiarism. I find three things notable about his explanation/excuse-making and the reactions it has generated—especially in light of my experience reporting plagiarism to the Harvard Medical School some […]

“Lady Bird” II: To Be, or Not To Be, Traumatized

A film that dares to remember what used to be regarded as normal development. Trigger warning: After arguing in the car in the opening scene of “Lady Bird,” Greta Gerwig’s new film, Lady Bird’s mother (played by Laura Metcalf) goes all the way in envisioning the downward route her daughter’s life will take. The girl’s […]

American Cinema Has Produced Its First Woman Auteur

Greta Gerwig voices the displacement of the Continental divide Greta Gerwig’s “Lady Bird,” starring Saoirse Ronan and, as her mother, the brilliant Laurie Metcalf, is Gerwig’s first solely directed film. It is, strictly speaking, a coming-of-age story about a girl from Sacramento who struggles to escape to the artistic fate that awaits her – via […]

The Solution to the Opioid Crisis

November 2, 2017

Everyone has a solution for the opioid epidemic. Here’s a real one. Here’s what we must do to improve our addictive situation In 2016, the American Surgeon General, Vivek Murthy, announced in a new report on addiction, as though he had just discovered the structure of DNA, “Addressing the addiction crisis in America will require […]

Is Harvey Weinstein Addicted to Love?

Power monster Harvey Weinstein isn’t after sex, primarily. What does he want? This post is in response to The 7 hardest addictions to quit – love is the worst! by Stanton Peele Everyone agrees that Harvey Weinstein is a bully and a power freak. But “sex addiction experts” (whoever they are) agree that his coercing […]

End Alcoholism — Bomb Spain

October 5, 2017

Americans have a different consciousness about alcohol as evil The key to ending alcoholism is to prevent anyone under 21 from drinking: “Alcohol is a drug – a powerful, mood-altering drug – and alcoholism is a disease,” says Dr. Robert Morse, board member of the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence Inc., and recently […]

Answer Me This: Why Are Americans So Depressed?

September 28, 2017

Depression grows in US and pharmaceuticals aren’t the answer—are hallucinogens? Time announces: (1) Americans are more depressed than ever, and getting more so: From 2011-2014, 13 percent of Americans 12 and older took an antidepressant up from 11 percent in 2005-2008 and 8 percent in 1999-2002. (2) Many Americans don’t respond to antidepressants, and there […]

Addiction Epidemic: (Not) the Christie Report

August 7, 2017

Painkiller addiction is almost nonexistent, according to government data. News item:  The Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis, headed by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, was released.  It declares, in the most lurid terms, that we are undergoing an opioid addiction crisis which should be declared a national emergency. Fact check:  The government’s most thoroughgoing analysis of prescription medicine […]