Stanton explains drug harm reduction to Bill O’Reilly

April 25, 2017


Donald Trump and Addictive Behaviors

April 19, 2017

When the addiction cycle characterizes dysfunctional human behavior. The Wall Street Journal has likened the President of the United States to an alcoholic, claiming that Trump clings to his lies “like a drunk to an empty gin bottle.” We tend today to avoid disparaging references to addiction, but in what sense is the addiction reference true? […]

The New Recovery

April 5, 2017

Recovery is about purpose and meaning in life, not “sobriety” and meetings. We have been sold a bill of goods by Big Recovery—AA, 12-step rehab, Hollywood, even public health. This is the strange myth that people enter “recovery” when they become sober—that is, they cease using this or that substance, or perhaps all substances. Let’s […]

The Solution to the Opioid Crisis

The Solution to the Opioid Crisis Everyone has a solution for the Opioid Epidemic. Heres a real one. Here’s what we must do to improve our addictive situation In 2016, the American Surgeon General, Vivek Murthy, announced in a new report on addiction, as though he had just discovered the structure of DNA, “Addressing the […]

Trump Won’t Reduce the Ravages of Drug Addiction

Trump Won’t Reduce the Ravages of Drug Addiction His proposed recovery programs mean nothing while people are in despair. A strange thing happened when MSNBC’s  “All In” host Chris Hayes interviewed New Hampshire Senator Maggie Hassan about the unending growth in opioid-related deaths at which New Hampshire is an epicenter. As Democrat Hassan recited all of […]

Why Liberals Love the Disease Theory of Addiction, by a Liberal Who Hates It

Because they can’t draw unfavorable inferences about life in poor ghettos or poor rural communities (to which they have little exposure), liberals are drawn to the belief that drugs cause addiction. I couldn’t disagree more. But as a card-carrying liberal myself, I’ll swallow my bile and try to understand. A desire to think the best […]

William White Book Review – Recover!

February 24, 2017

Book Reviews Stanton Peele with Ilse Thompson. Recover! Boston, MA: DaCapo. 2014. 320 pages. $24.99 (hard cover), ISBN: 978-0-7382-1675-1 Background Something quite interesting is happening in the world of addiction publishing. The unending stream of books on drugs, drug policy, addiction, and addiction treatment are being supplemented with a new genre of books focused,not on […]

The Addiction Experience – Now Available

January 24, 2017

The e-book of Stanton’s pamphlet, The Addiction Experience, on the inner experience of addiction, is now available on Amazon. The Addiction Experience is a remarkably prescient look into addiction. Originally derived from Love and Addiction by Stanton Peele, it was published in the Canadian Addiction Research Foundation’s ARF Journal, from which it was translated and […]

Normalizing Drug Use

January 17, 2017

We have entered an era in which drug use is widespread, almost ubiquitous, and yet at the same it is viewed as unmanageable and uncontrollable. We need instead to accept and to regulate drug use. Several recent key writings in the popular and academic press point to the following developments: We are in a pharmacological era […]

The Good and the Bad of Trauma Theory in Addiction

January 10, 2017

Why the Life Process Program doesn’t focus on trauma—it doesn’t work! Trauma theory has come to dominate addiction practice.  It is commonplace to hear assertions that all addiction is due to trauma, or the converse—no one can escape the trauma in their lives.  Both of these statements are not true, as I will illustrate with […]