How the Life Process Program works

The life process online recovery program is broken down into eight parts, or modules, which consist of  video files and reading material prepared by Dr. Peele, and exercises relevant to the topic of that module.

The exercises are not a test of your knowledge of the material, but rather an opportunity for you to reflect on your addictive behavior and apply the material to your life.

When you sign-up you will be assigned a dedicated Life Process Program coach  (and we let you choose whether you want to be assigned a male or female coach). Clients receive personalized feedback and support from their dedicated coach when they submit each exercise. All new clients can also schedule a FREE 20 minute introductory coaching session through our secure integrated online video conferencing system with their dedicated coach.

The Life Process Program® isn’t magic…

It asks you to recognize your own strength and your ability to change. But with this recognition comes responsibility.

We at the LPP have helped many people to recover from addiction with our private, affordable and effective online addiction treatment program. We know how this process works.

Our approach is an alternative to the AA and other 12 step addiction recovery programs, and one that puts YOU in control of your recovery. But, ultimately, in the long run, it will be your decisions, your values, your purpose in life that makes this happen.

At a glance

program overview

Icon Eight Modules

Eight Comprehensive Modules containing detailed reading material specific to your addiction

Icon Over 50 Excerises

Over 50 thought provoking exercises to help you think about your values, motivation, relationships and more

Icon Dedicated Coach

Regular feedback, advice and guidance from your dedicated Coach when you submit each module

Icon Life Story

Explore your past and recall the emotions that contributed to your decisions and actions

Icon Peer Support

Engage in and receive ongoing peer support through online meetings and discussion fourms

Icon Online Coaching

Free 20 minute online video consult with your Coach, and the option to upgrade to additional sessions

What will I do when I join?

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Dr. Peele introduces each module

Each module of the program is introduced personally by Dr. Peele.

In the videos, Dr. Peele describes the key concepts and he challenges you to apply the learnings to your own individual situation. The program consists of eight modules, each of them addressing a key component of your recovery:

  • Self Reflection
  • Values
  • Motivation
  • Rewards
  • Resources
  • Support
  • Maturity
  • Greater Goals

Each module also includes downloadable reading material, addressing the module in much more detail. Some clients like to read every sentence in detail, others prefer to skim through the reading material and proceed directly to the exercises.

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Submit exercises and receive feedback

A major component in the Life Process Program is the exercises that accompany each module. You will be asked to complete a series of questions that will challenge your understanding of the ideas and how to use them to recover.

The exercises are not a test, and there are no right or wrong answers. They are open questions designed to get you thinking in ways that will help you better understand how to fight and beat your addiction.

When you have completed each exercise you will submit this to your coach for review. Your coach will go through each of your exercises and provide you with detailed written feedback to help guide you through your recovery.

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Schedule a session with your dedicated coach

When you sign-up you will be assigned a dedicated Life Process Program coach (you choose whether you want a male or female coach). Within the coaching area, you can access your coach’s availability diary and schedule a 1-1 meeting. You choose the date and time that suits you, and you select your preferred format:

  • Video
  • Audio
  • Text/Livechat

Your first 20-minute introductory session is free. This is a great way to get to know your coach. After that, you can purchase additional one hour sessions from as little as $70 per sessions. These additional coaching sessions are completely optional and can be purchased at any point in the program.

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Write your Life Story

Revisiting your life story is a critical way to explore your choices and the impact they have had on you and those around you.

Don’t worry, we are not going to start probing for trauma or ask you to dwell indefinitely on your earliest memories.  But we do believe that it is important for you to reflect on the journey that you have travelled through life to bring you to where you are today.

Once your life story is complete, we will begin to focus on moving beyond the negatives you may identify toward a positive future with the life of purpose you have always wanted.

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Join our coach-led weekly online group meetings

We want to provide you with opportunities to interact and practice the coping and social skills that can help you move away from addictive activities and back into the vibrant world that awaits you.

Whether you talk or have your camera turned on or just listen is up to you. These meetings give you a good sense of how we approach addictions. At the same time, they provide needed support and encouragement! For those of you who are already meeting with coaches, we believe this group dynamic will add a new dimension of support and help people in thinking through their addictive issues with others.

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Benefits of The Life Process Program®
Icon Convenience

Because the Life Process Program is offered in an online format you have the convenience of completing the program while still going about your day to day life. No need to take a leave from work or be apart from your loved ones for an extended period of time.

Icon Privacy

Working through the reading materials and exercises everything from the privacy of your own home, you can complete the program online and you can change your life without anyone knowing you have sought help for your addictive behaviour.

Icon Support

Clients benefit from regular feedback & guidance from their dedicated Life Process Program Coach and can schedule a FREE 20 minute one-on-one consultation with their coach through our secure online video conferencing facility. Peer support is also available through our regular group meetings and the secure online forums.

Icon Evidence

The Life Process Program is based on Dr. Peele’s decades of research and involvement in the public debate regarding addictive behaviours. Dr. Peele designed the Life Process Program to help as many people as possible using the most effective methods.

If you think the Life Process Program is for you get started with us today.