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How Did We Discover Sex Addiction?

We have discovered sex is addictive—why now, with what implications? As the author of Love and Addiction (in which I discussed sex addiction in 1975), I have kept a close view on the societal vision of addiction in re sex. I pointed out in that book...

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Are You a Sexual Predator? Shouldn’t Your Response Be “No?”

Happy Valley, Pennsylvania, was blissfully ignorant. Saturday Night Live wishes it could broadcast this routine, but the topic is so horrifying it couldn’t be viewed on any satirical show, now matter how self-satirizing it is. Bob Costas interviewed Jerry Sandusky by...

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Kristof’s Non-Sequitur—I Run and Have Sex, Therefore I’m Addicted

A new book says addiction is special and proves it isn’t. Nicholas Kristof, New York Times columnist, becomes the latest to add to the list of nonsense about the nature of addiction in his—not so much review, as paean—to another reductive vision of addiction:...

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Why Anthony Weiner Is Not a Sex Addict

As the author of “Love and Addiction,” I am a frequent go-to person for media to ask, “Is Anthony Weiner addicted to sex?” My answer? No, he’s not. Women contact me because their husbands spend all night — night...

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Is Newt Seeking Sex, Power, or What?

Callista Gingrich, Newt’s current spouse, seems extremely poised, put together and judgmental.What do they make you think of the women? The first (actually the second) Mrs. Gingrich seems happy to appear with an informal look, and the couple seems relaxed together....

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Sex Lives of Republicans, II: John Ensign in Love and Heat

This post is a response to The New Newt Hates Sex — and He’s Got the Wife to Prove It! by Stanton Peele   I know Democrats “date” women other than their wives, notably Bill Clinton, John Edwards, Eliot Spitzer, the Kennedy’s en masse and Ted...

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The New Newt Hates Sex — and He’s Got the Wife to Prove It!

I wrote a couple of blogposts about Republican women and sex — “What’s Cindi McCain Like in Bed?” and “Bistol Palin’s Last Pleasurable Sex Act” — boy, did I get in trouble.  My point was that Republican women (not male Republicans,...

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Sex and the Single Woman

“Sex and the Single Girl,” of course, is the name of a 1962 best seller by Helen Gurley Brown. If that book sounds very modern, it’s because you misunderstand the title and the time. Brown simply said that women...

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Is Sex Really Addictive?

Stanton reviews a new medical tome on sexual addiction, by psychoanalyst Aviel Goodman. Yes, people become addicted to sex; no, it is not a medical disease best treated by the 12 steps. Contemporary Psychology, 44:154-156, 1999 Review of Sexual Addiction:...

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Sex, Drugs and Dependency

When does too much of a good thing become a ‘behavioural disease’? ‘Forbede us thyng, and that desiren we’, according to Chaucer. Despite this law of human behaviour, Americans — and following behind them, the British — are often...

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