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Letter: My articles in the WSJ

Dear WSJ Editor, I have had three opinion pieces on drugs and alcohol printed in the Wall Street Journal in the latter part of 2007 – on what Lindsay Lohan shows us about addiction treatment, on teaching kids to drink, and...

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My Personal Connection to the Presidential Candidates

I watched Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd and his wife being interviewed about their moving to Iowa with two young daughters in order for him to campaign effectively in the first state’s nominating process for presidential candidates. He uprooted his...

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Forced into AA for using marijuana medically: What do I do?

Mr. Peele, About 3 months ago I took a hair drug test at work. The test showed positive for marijuana. I had been using marijuana for a few years and only used a small amount each night before bedtime....

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Stanton’s Blog Archive 2007

Stanton is quoted in newspapers about a new finding that alcoholics inherit an impulsiveness gene: Stanton Peele, a New Jersey-based social psychologist and author of the 2007 book, “Addiction Proof Your Child,” among several other books on addiction, noted that researchers...

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Bad Advice for Lindsay Lohan

The Wall Street Journal, August 7, 2007, p. A11. Commentary Stanton Peele People have been offering advice to Lindsay Lohan since she relapsed soon after leaving her last stint of rehab. Now that she’s entering another clinic, it’s time...

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Stanton’s Blog Archive 2006

Good Luck Eliminating Underage Drinking The House passed The Sober Truth on Preventing Underage Drinking (STOP) by a vote of 373-23 on Nov. 1. The bill awaits Senatorial approval and President Bush’s signature to become law. Its success seems...

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Stanton’s Blog Archive 2005

Redemption or Corruption? My Name is Earl questions AA verities The famous 12 steps of AA include this 8th step: “Made a list of all persons we had harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all.” The new...

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